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D&S Cattle co.

Welcome! We are located in the hills of southeastern Montana near Hysham, MT where we raise cattle and performance horses. This has been a family tradition for many years and has evolved over time. The ranch is made up of Gary & Ginger DeCock, Jordan & Hadlie Eskew; along with their 2 kids Payse & Ruby, and Andrew & Anya Beeler.

Our ranches are located in wonderful cattle country where we run cow/calf pairs as well as yearlings. We use horses for all of our cow work, which we believe is the best place to start a young horse. They learn to keep their mind on their job, travel through rough country and and allows us to handle cattle in a quiet, natural matter.

We have been raising performance horses for many years but in 2016 we welcomed Takes Alotta Metal to the ranch and he has brought us a lot of excitement. He is an own son of Metallic Cat and has proven himself in the arena as well as right here on the ranch. We are very excited to once again see his offspring this spring which will be offered online from September 15-October 15, 2022. Please check our website for more information and updates throughout the year. We love to talk horses & cattle so please reach out to us with any questions or just to chat!

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